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11 Jan 2012

Our Philanthropy Obligation

Article last updated: October 22, 2012 Philanthropy is a tax, albeit a voluntary tax. It is the way we in America support education, social services, the needy and religion. Without this, our government would have to assume the responsibility of funding these services. This could…

23 May 2011

Wealth Preservation Through Philanthropy

Article last updated: October 22, 2012 I. Introduction Philanthropy may be used as a tax device to increase family wealth while simultaneously supporting religious, educational and other charitable institutions. Innovative planning techniques include such vehicles as charitable remainder trusts, lead trusts, bargain…

23 May 2011

Estate Planning for New Louisiana Residents

Article last updated: October 22, 2012 I. Introduction Louisiana is one of the few states in the country that is governed by a community property regime for married couples. In addition, it grants certain individuals rights of inheritance. This paper…

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