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Professional Liability


Defense for Construction and Other Professionals

When architecture and engineering firms find themselves burdened with a lawsuit, they face more than a financial risk. Their professional reputations are also on the line, which in turn threatens future business endeavors, earnings, and business relationships.

For architects and engineers who need a solid defense against accusations of faulty design, defective plans and specifications, or contractors’ construction defects, Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer offers decades of experience. In addition to personal injury or property damage claims related to professional liability, BHBM seeks to prevent or limit clients’ exposure to these types of claims through astute contract formation. The overall goal is always to prevent or dismiss professional liability claims against our clients.

  • Construction Contract Formation and Administration
  • Defective Plans and Specifications
  • Construction Defects

Legal Malpractice Defense

As legal professionals already know, the area of legal malpractice is quite complex, so when a law firm or an individual attorney faces a legal malpractice suit, it’s best to seek outside counsel. BHBM handles defense against claims of conflicts of interest, breach of fiduciary duty, ethics violations, and other challenges involving legal malpractice issues. We seek to eliminate or minimize both the financial and professional damage these suits can have while maintaining the strictest of confidentiality.

  • Legal Malpractice Defense
  • Professional Services

Medical Malpractice Defense

Many healthcare providers must report settlements or judgments to licensing boards and credentialing employers, which can affect the provider’s professional standing or job prospects. When the outcome of a case affects not only the financial aspects, but also the reputation of a provider’s business, BHBM can help navigate the unique procedures and issues that arise in medical malpractice litigation. BHBM will work closely with healthcare providers, such as physicians, nurses, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes and surgery centers to reach the most beneficial resolution for their needs. Our defense crosses a range of professions including, but not limited to, issues with failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, improper procedures, retained foreign objects, surgical errors, informed consent, and nursing home errors.

  • Medical Liability
  • Medical Negligence

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