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A Full-Range of Maritime Legal Services

Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer offers legal expertise in virtually every aspect of maritime commerce covering a broader range of services than most firms with maritime practices. Our firm assists maritime clients from Louisiana-based tug and barge operators to international oil transportation companies who may require on-the-ground counsel in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

In transactional matters, we represent maritime clients in all phases of their business, beginning with initial vessel financing to vessel construction and sales. Our maritime contractual expertise covers vessel construction, financing, ship repair, master service agreements, charters, product shipments, towing services, and much more. On the litigation side, BHBM assists clients whenever a commercial dispute arises over a maritime contract or when a maritime casualty occurs, including personal injury, cargo loss or damage, ship fires and explosions, vessel groundings, collisions and allisions, as well as oil pollution, sinkings, salvage and wreck removals. We also handle and provide defense counsel during casualty and pollution investigations that may be conducted by the U.S. Coast Guard or local authorities.

Insurance Claim Assistance

BHBM frequently works with insurance representatives on their clients’ claims. We seek resolution by mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Our experience allows us to provide meaningful budgets to help control the costs of representing and defending our maritime clients in litigation that may arise out of any unforeseen casualty. In all cases within our maritime practice, we focus on cost-effective and speedy results for our clients, and our firm’s hands-on approach means BHBM’s experienced litigators generally handle our clients’ cases personally.

  • Maritime Litigation and Related Proceedings
  • Demands for, and Defense of, Claims for Contractual Defense & Indemnity
  • Towers Liabilities
  • General Maritime Negligence Claims
  • Collisions, Allisions, Groundings, and Sinkings
  • Marine Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Maritime Personal Injury Claims, including, Claims for Unseaworthiness, Maintenance and Cure, and Claims under the Jones Act and General Maritime Law
  • Oil Pollution Act (OPA)
  • Clean Water Act
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA)
  • Marine Salvage  and Wreck Removal
  • Cargo Claims, including Carriage of Goods By Sea Act (COGSA) and the Harter Act
  • Rivers and Harbors Act
  • Exoneration from and Limitation of Liability proceedings
  • Vessel Arrest and Seizure
  • Enforcement of Maritime Liens and In Rem proceedings
  • Letters of Undertaking/Vessel Security
  • Foreign Ship Repairs, U.S. Customs
  • License Revocation Proceedings
  • U.S. Coast Guard Fines and Penalities Proceedings
  • National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Investigations and Hearings

Transaction-Related Matters:

  • Maritime Liens
  • Vessel Construction Fund
  • First Preferred Ship Mortgage
  • Capital Construction Contracts
  • Ship Repairers / Shipyard Service Contracts
  • Contracts of Affreightment
  • Time Charters
  • Bareboat Charters
  • Towing Agreements
    • Bills of Lading
    • Vessel Sales and Vessel Documentation
    • Marine Insurance Coverage Review
    • Boarding Agreements
    • Master Service Agreements, including indemnity and insurance


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