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Estate Litigation


Litigating a trust, estate or succession dispute requires a special skill set. Most experienced trust and estate attorneys are not litigators, and most experienced litigators are not familiar with the peculiarities and special procedures of Louisiana trust and estate law. Leveraging the unparalleled expertise of the firm’s trust and estate attorneys, our experienced trust and estate litigators adeptly represent corporate and individual clients in all manners of disputes that may arise in the context of a succession or trust administration.

Contact BHBM for assistance in Estate Litigation matters involving:

  • Will Contests
  • Succession Representative and Trustee Fiduciary Issues
  • Property Allocation
  • Forced Heirship
  • Tax Issues
  • Disputes among heirs, legatees, or beneficiaries

Our experience allows us to resolve issues on behalf of our clients efficiently and effectively.


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