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Representation in Bankruptcy Cases

In its bankruptcy practice, Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer focuses on creditor representation for secured and unsecured claims. The filing of a bankruptcy proceeding greatly affects your rights and remedies. Many actions against the debtor are automatically stayed. Timely actions in the proceedings on behalf of creditors are required to preserve claims.

Our attorneys assist our clients in identifying assets and maximizing recovery. We also defend claims by the debtor seeking to recover payments made pre-bankruptcy to our clients, referred to as preferences, which often comes as a surprise to those not familiar with bankruptcy, as well as other adversary proceedings.

Contact BHBM for assistance with:

  • Creditor Representation
  • Secured Claims
  • Unsecured Claims
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Adversary Proceedings
  • Recovery of Collateral
  • Preference Actions
  • Trade Creditor


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