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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer attorneys are not only skilled advocates, representing their clients in litigation and other forms of dispute resolution. Four of our senior attorneys are also trained and certified to act as neutrals – mediators and arbitrators – in cases in which they do not represent clients as advocates. These attorneys are available to be retained to mediate or arbitrate select cases for you in their particular areas of practice and experience. Their skills as neutrals are enhanced by their many years of work as litigators and as advocates in all types of mediations and arbitrations.

David CarrigeeStephen SchottBill Schwartz and John Stewart are all trained and certified by the American Arbitration Association (AAA); Schott is also on the mediation panel of ADR, Inc. All five can also serve as neutrals in unadministered arbitrations and mediations. These lawyers can bring creativity and extensive experience as litigators to bear in the role of neutral to assist in efficiently resolving your case through mediation or arbitration.

Lower Costs

The court process is expensive, and costs can exceed benefits. Under certain circumstances, it may be more advantageous to apply some of those resources to solving the problem out of Court or to repairing damaged relations, and alternative dispute resolution can help in that way.


Unlike most court cases, which are a matter of public record, mediation and arbitration proceedings may be kept confidential.

Contract disputes; work place disputes with business partners, co-workers and employees; insurance claims; real estate disputes; construction conflicts; cases between landlord and tenant; cases between consumer and lender – these are all examples of instances where alternative dispute resolution may be used effectively.

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