Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer LLC

In re ENSCO 74

Larry DeMarcay III - 

Counsel for Ensco in a limitation of liability proceeding resulting from the loss of the ENSCO 74 during Hurricane Ike. After performing an exhaustive aerial and subsea search for the drilling rig, Ensco abandoned the search and declared the rig a total loss. The wreck of the rig was located several months later when the M/T SATILLA, a fully loaded oil tanker, allided with the unmarked remains of the rig. The limitation claimants consisted of five pipeline owners and the M/T SATILLA. After a two week long trial against the M/T SATILLA interests, Ensco’s Motion for Judgment on Partial Findings was granted at the close of the SATILLA’s case, finding that Ensco’s search for the rig was reasonable. The trial court’s ruling was affirmed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal.



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