Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer LLC

BHBM Celebrates Staff Milestones

Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer appreciates its staff and celebrates 11 employees who have been with the firm for over ten years each. Congratulations and special thanks to the following:

Melissa Aasen (IT) – 20 years
Lilia Beau (paralegal) – 23 years
Roy Chauvin (paralegal) – 15 years
Helene Cunningham (paralegal) – 10 years
Ann Hansel (accounts payable) – 27 years
Rosalind Kinnaird (administrator) – 33 years 
Nicole Martin (paralegal) – 17 years
Kim Murphy (secretary) – 33 years
Tracey Roper (secretary) – 12 years
Mary Frances Welch (secretary) – 35 years
Janice Zitzmann (secretary) – 15 years

Pictured: [Top Row; L-R] Roy Chauvin, Janice Zitzmann, Helene Cunningham, Lilia Beau, Rosalind Kinnaird, Tracey Roper, Nicole Martin. [Bottom Row; L-R] Mary Frances Welch, Kim Murphy. Not Pictured: Melissa Aasen, Ann Hansel.





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