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BHBM Achieves Global Cybersecurity Standard

Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer has successfully reached the international cybersecurity standards for law firms set by Meritas, the global alliance of independent business law firms. BHBM is a member of Meritas and, in order to retain membership in good standing, is required to self-report their compliance with the Meritas Cybersecurity Standards for keeping client data and information secure.

The standards define 10 essential cybersecurity requirements that the 182 independent law firms that are Meritas members and future new members of the organization are expected to meet. As part of the process, BHBM completed an assessment of cybersecurity best practices and readiness to take its practices to the next level, implemented cybersecurity enhancements in key areas to respond to ever-changing online risks, and then underwent a compliance review against the Meritas standards. In order to successfully meet the standards, BHBM has information security, risk assessments, technical and physical safeguards, employee training, third-party risk management and business continuity plans in place, along with a breach response process. As part of its Meritas membership renewal, BHBM will regularly complete a cybersecurity assessment to maintain its level of security for safeguarding information.

It is important to proactively incorporate best practices, especially when it comes to cybersecurity, which is the number-one concern of people and companies when they generate sensitive legal information. Working with our Meritas partner firms across the world on behalf of clients who have needs in other regions, having a global quality benchmark is important to maintaining the highest levels of consistency.

Meritas is the only law firm alliance with an established and comprehensive means of monitoring the quality of its member firms—a process that saves clients time validating law firm credentials and experience. Meritas membership is selective and by invitation only.

Meritas has published more information on how a law firm keeps information secure.



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