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8 Oct 2013

Preference Actions in Bankruptcy

If you received payments from a now bankrupt entity during the preference period you may be subject to a Preference Action seeking recovery of all payments during that period, most commonly 90 days prior to the date the bankruptcy was…

16 Jul 2013

Article: Nuances of Acquiring a Louisiana Based Company

The prominence of the energy sector in the State of Louisiana has made the acquisition of Louisiana-based companies appealing to many investors.  However, before making an equity investment in the State of Louisiana, investors should familiarize themselves with certain nuances…

19 Jun 2013

Who Will Be There For My Child?

Article last updated: June 19, 2013 View Who Will Be There For My Child? brochure by clicking here. 

19 Jun 2013

Special Needs Trusts for Litigation Proceeds

Article last updated: May 30, 2013 View Special Needs Trusts for Litigation Proceeds brochure by clicking here. 

19 Jun 2013

SNT School for Trustees

Article last updated: May 22, 2013 View SNT School for Trustees presentation by clicking here. 

19 Jun 2013

Buy-Sell Agreements

Article last updated: May 15, 2012 I. What is a Buy-Sell Agreement? A buy-sell agreement is a contract requiring the sale of a business or investment interest upon the occurrence of a specified event. This event may be the death…

19 Jun 2013

What the Family Needs to Know About Planning for a Loved One with a Disability

Article last updated: June 19, 2013 I.        Estate Planning in General A.     Every estate plan must include: Review of your family’s needs; Examination of the resources available to meet those needs; and Decision concerning the appropriate structure to…

21 Feb 2013

Identity Theft and Data Security Breach Notifications

In response to the growing threat of unauthorized access and/or use of personal information, Louisiana, along with at least 12 other states, has enacted security breach notification laws.  In essence, these statutes create a duty upon any person conducting business…

11 Jan 2012

Our Philanthropy Obligation

Article last updated: October 22, 2012 Philanthropy is a tax, albeit a voluntary tax. It is the way we in America support education, social services, the needy and religion. Without this, our government would have to assume the responsibility of funding these services. This could…

12 Sep 2011

Capital Construction Funds

Article last updated: October 22, 2012 This letter summarizes some of the basic rules, restrictions and penalties associated with Capital Construction Funds. The Capital Construction Fund (“CCF”) program is designed to encourage owners of U.S. flagged vessels to accumulate sufficient…

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